Friday, December 26th 2003 - Utah gets hit hard by this HUGE snow storm.  Our power was out for 12 hours and some places still will not have power until possibly Monday.  Utah power and light called in help from southern Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho to help repair all the damaged lines caused by fallen trees and weight from snow.  Here in North Salt Lake we got 28 recorded inches of snow just from this one storm and we are expecting more to come.

The kids wanted to play Xbox and watch TV which was totally out of the question and Emma kept asking if everything was out of batteries. Good thing our gas log could run without power or we would have been really cold.  It was able to keep the downstairs temperature at 62 degrees, while upstairs was 55.  Kim was really worried about her fish going without air and their heater for that long so twice during the day she removed some water and then added hot water to the tank.  The fish pulled through. 

At 6:00 p.m. with no sign of the power returning and no food able to be cooked we took the kids to McDonalds and let them run around for a bit at the play land.  When we returned home we decided that we had better spend the night downstairs in front of the gas log to stay warm, so Kim hauled all the blankets we own downstairs and we brought down Emma's and Ethan's mattresses.  It was actually quite fun to have this little camp out, but by 9:30 the power was back on so we ended up hauling all the stuff back upstairs and tucking everyone into their own little beds.  It was a great adventure.

This is our back yard.

This is the front view of Chandler's car in our driveway.

Here is the side view of Chandler's car in the driveway.

Here is all the snow piled up by the mailboxes.

Emma on the sidewalks.

Emma on the sidewalks by our neighbors house to the left of us.

Emma on the sidewalks on the right side of us.