Our Trip to Sherwood Hills

                  Well, we got a little bored Sunday night and just decided it would be fun  to drive up to Brigham City and spend the night.  For those of you who don't know where Brigham City is, it's about and hour north from where we live in North Salt Lake.  Here are some photos of our trip up there and some pictures of the kids swimming at the hotel pool.

The Drive up.

Coming up on the exit to Brigham City.

Views of the mountains.

I am not sure what lake or whatever this is but it was pretty and I took a picture.

This is the entrance to the Old West Adventure, across the street from the hotel.

This is the Entrance to the Hotel.

This is the Hotel.

Emma playing outside of the Hotel.

The boys sitting by the pond at the hotel.

Emma playing in the sand.

Emma playing in the sand.

Aaron, Ethan and Emma playing in the sand (which was actually where you Vollyball not a sandbox.

Chandler and Kim swinging on the swings at the hotel.

A deer's footprint in the sand.

The boys swimming Monday morning.

Emma swimming Monday morning.

Emma swimming in the kiddie pool.

The Hot tub