Our Cat Rusty


Kim went to the Davis County Animal Control on September 11, 2003 to get our kids a pet after a stray cat had been coming around and the kids had fallen in love with it.  However after a few days the stray cat went away and the kids were very sad.  So off to the shelter they went to look for a pet for us. The Shelter told Kim that Rusty was a girl cat. So she and the kids decided to name her Rosie. The next day Kim took Rosie to the vet to get fixed and they told her that this was not a girl cat but a neutered male. So now we have Rusty.

The first day we brought Rosie AKA Rusty home.

First Day Home.

Rusty loves the Bathroom.

Our little sink cat.

Lounging in the sink.

Sleeping in the sink.

Still in the sink.

He loves the sink.

Aaron took this pic.

Rusty claiming these papers as his!

Emma with Rusty

Emma with Rusty, and he hasn't run away yet!

Kim With Rusty

Kim with Rusty and Emma.

Kim and Rusty.



Our New Cat

We decided it was time to get Rusty a friend so today January 25, 2004 we went to the humane society of utah and looked around for a long time and we were about to leave when Kim decided to look in the Cat Colony (which is a big cage where multiple cats are kept instead of just the Cat room where the cats are in individual cages.  It was here that Kim found the perfect playmate for Rusty.  At the moment she doesn't have a name at the shelter she was named Emma but since we already have an Emma we think we need to change it.  The names in the running are: Cali, Jewel or Jewels, or Pumpkin.  Let us know what you guys think....

Here is our new kitty.

The new cat checking out the place.

Lip smackingly good...

Our kitty still looking around.

Hummm Rusty isn't sure what to make of her.

Rusty still trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Do you think Rusty will Attack?

Let me sniff you...

Ok so our new kitty finally has a name.  (drum roll please)..............its Chloe!

yep we didn't choose any of the names listed above go figure.  Though little Chandler is a bit upset by the fact that we didn't chose Jewel.  Oh well that's life and like with all people and their animals they never end up being called by their names at least not all the time anyway.



Rusty and Chloe love to play together now, either that or they just love to beat each other up!  What do you guys think?

Shall we dance?

Lets Fight!

Ahhh HA!

Don't even think about it buddy!

Ok give me a hug.

I guess you've had enough.