Parade of Homes 2004

Today June 12, 2004, we went to the parade of homes here in Kaysville.  We saw lots of fun and exciting things that we would really like to put in our own home...


Here are a few samples of the things we saw.


A fireplace that we really liked.

A basement fireplace that we really liked.

The Sidewalk that we really liked.

A shower we really liked.

Railing we liked.

Brick that we liked

A kids play room that was AWESOME!

Stairs to a master bedroom loft

A master bedroom shower that u walked down into! SWEET!

A really cool front porch walk area.

The Entrance to the home theatre in one of the homes.

Chan really liked the seat in this shower.

Kim thought this Baby's room was just Lovely!

The outside of our favorite house from the ones we saw today!

Chandler's Favorite hardwood floor. I think this will be going into our house sometime in the Near Future!

The fire place in the master bedroom that looks through into the master bath.

The cabinets in the master bath.

The baby's room in our favorite parade of homes home.

The windows above each door in our favorite home...

A really Cool Sink!

A kids play area under the stairs in one of the homes. All Painted in Finding Nemo.

The fireplace in the family room in one of the homes that goes through so u can see it from the deck....


While looking at the parade of homes today we stopped at a small park behind a church and had a picnic.  The kids had fun and it was a nice break from all the walking around.


On the way to the last 2 homes, we realized that  Hill Air Force Base was having their Air Show so we stopped the car and looked up into the sky here is what we saw!

All and all it was a GREAT day!