Denver, Colorado

March 19-22, 2004

We wanted to take a weekend trip and had planned on going down to St. George, but when Chandler called his Parents to see if we could go down, we found out that his Dad was sick with the flu so we decided to go somewhere else.  Since we had been to Las Vegas several times we opted for something new.

Our Friends Niclas and Cindy often head on over to Denver to watch the Nuggets and the Avalanche play and had said it was a great place to go and visit.  Since Kim had a friend now living there we thought hey what the heck let's check it out......


Here are the photos of the things we did while visiting the Mile High City:


These Photos are our little adventure sneaking into the aquarium.  Ocean Journey.  Mike's roommate is the security guard there and he let us come in and take a look around after hours...It was totally awesome and we really appreciated it thanks Dan!

The Mile High City

Down Town Denver, Colorado.

This is the Mile High Stadium

Here is the Hotel were we spent 3 nights in Denver at.

Here we are sneaking into the Aquarium after hours.

Another shot of us sneaking in to the Aquarium.

Kim meets Mike Baker face to face for the first time.

(we have talked online for a few years but never met in person until now)

Emma in front of the Sharks Teeth.

Ethan visiting with the Sea Otters.

Ethan in front of the Sea Otter Exhibit.

The Sea Otter Exhibit from above.

Kim standing around.

Our little fishies.

Emma, Aaron, and Chandler at the aquarium.

Our family at the aquarium.

Ethan is getting sleepy.

Walking around after hours.

Nice Cave.

Our kids enjoying the aquarium with Mike.

Look at me!

Chan and the fish.

Emma wanted her picture taken with "Dori"

Emma still wanted her picture taken with "Dori"

Emma and "Dori" again.

This is soooooo neat!

Ethan really liked seeing all the fish but was very tired.

Poor tired Ethan.

Kim and Ethan in front of one of the Big Fish Tanks.

See how huge this tank is.....

Chan and the Sharks.

Chan and the Sharks.

Ethan on top of one of the floor viewing port holes.

Ethan and the Sharks.

Ethan and the sharks.

Emma and the sharks.

Emma and the Sharks.

Chandler and the kids looking in the shark tanks.

Emma and the Jelly fish.

Mike letting us sneak into the exhibits...

Mike helping us out of the exhibits.

One of the Tunnels of Fish.

The sign before you go into the flash flood area.

Emma was Terrified!

Here comes the Flash Flood!

The boys weren't scared.

Fish Tunnel.

The fish tunnel....

Aaron and the Sting Ray (right upper corner)

Here comes the Shark.

A closer look...

Ethan at Hard Rock after the Aquarium.

Ethan at Hard Rock after our Ocean Journy.

The kids at Hard Rock Cafe.

Chandler and Mike at Hard Rock.

Emma showing me her picture she colored.

Ethan even more tired while at Hard Rock.

The Next Day we went to the Denver City Zoo it was really cool, we had a great time and the kids all loved it.  Chandler's favorite thing at the Zoo was the reptile house and Ethan loved Bird World as for the rest of us I think we were just happy to be there....

The Entrance to the Denver Zoo.

The family waiting in line.

This was the Animal nursery.

There was only 3 baby goats in there, the kids were kinda sad about that and wondered why we took them to the Zoo to see Goats.

Chan and the kids with the Moutain Goats.

Kim and the kids with the Mountain Goats and Emma being her typical self.

The kids with the Monkies.

The kids with the monkies again.

Silly old Bear.

Ethan and the bears.

Aaron and Emma with the Gorilla's.

The Gorilla.

The kids in Bird world.

Kim and the kids in Bird World.

Kim and the kids still in bird world.

The kids watching the feeding of the Sea Lion's

The feeding of the Sea Lion's

Emma scared to sit on the fence for a picture.

Chandler Jr.'s Favorite part of the day and also the last thing we did at the Zoo.

The Reptial House.