Poor Rusty

For those who haven't read the blogs Rusty got hit by a car and broke his top jaw and hurt his eye pretty badly.  So far he is doing much much better and actually started eating by himself today. 6/29/04

Driving to the Vet

The Vet

Rusty arrives back at home.

Rusty day 1 of being home

side view of day 1 of being home.

All the medicines he has to take.

Rusty a little over a week from the accident.

He is doing a lot better, but as you can see his one eye is still not quite right...

He is actually trying to groom himself.

He wasn't even trying this a few days ago.

Ok so now it has been about 4 weeks since Rusty was hit by the car he has made a miraculous recovery and here are some photos of how he looks now.  I am also pleased to announce that Chloe has accepted him back as her friend.