Holbrook All Stars

Ok, so this page captures my children at their finest...


Chandler's first black eye. Day 3.

Chandler took a header right into the neighbors wooden swing set while sledding.

Chandler's black eye day 4.

Chandler's black eye Day 5.

The doctor said that his huge "goose egg" would drain down into his eyes causing them to turn black...I guess the doctor was right.

Emma fell asleep on the couch.

Emma pretending to be sad.

Ethan's first bath.

"Jackie Chan"

Ethan using a spoon for the first time.

Emma passed out in the car after a rough day at the mall.

Ethan getting a "bear" hug.

I just wonder about these kids sometimes.....

This is typical.

Emma hitting Rusty with her hobby horse.

Emma lays down the law!

Emma posing for the Camera.

Chandler Possing for the Camera.

Sad Emma.