Happy Birthday Ethan

Ethan turns one!  Well, it was a year ago today that Ethan came into this world.  The same kind of weather cold, wet and rainny.  But once Ethan was here everything seemed to be brighter.  One of the happiest moments in my life was  when I finally got to see  his little face....

Ethan we hope your first birthday is a very happy one!  You mean the world to us, keep on smiling because its the sunshine of our days.


Ethan's Birthday Morning.

Another cold and rainny day.

First Stages of Ethan's Birthday Cake

Second Stage.

Third Stage.

The finished Cake.

Another view of the Cake.

Ethan discovers he has a present just laying around on the floor....

I wonder whats in here?

Mom you caught me opening my present.

While getting Ethan's cake made I heard the sound of tearing paper so I went to investigate....

Yep I was right Ethan was opening his presents.....

Well I grabbed the camera and took as many pictures as I could before the little bum opened it up without me...

Ethan excited about his present.

Still opening it.

What is it Ethan?

Looks like a BOX Mom!

Ethan really excited about his present.

Yummm its a ball.

Ethan enjoying his New Toy.

My Favorite picture of Ethan and his new toy.

Wheeee this is really fun Mom.

Ethan got a football and a soccer ball for his birthday.

Ethan looking around to see what's going on....

Ethan gets a Hip hop bunny for his birthday.

Emma liked it more than he did though.

Ethan with Daddy and Grandpa.

Ethan with Daddy and Grandpa.

Ethan's cake.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

hummm I think I like cake...

Yep this is pretty good.

heheh cake.

What a dirty cake face.

Ethan threw the plate on the floor and started rubbing cake all over the high chair.

Hummmm my hands dirty.

Oh well, its still good.

Alright time to go home....Ethan is too tired to do anything else but go home and go to bed.


Sunday we had a bigger party with most of Chandler's side of the family to celebrate Ethan's birthday....Here are the photos of all the Chaos!


Ethans Train cake...

Let's Sing!

Ethan Grabs the cake!

Ethan blows out the candle....

Ethan and Daddy...

Ethan's silly face.

Opening up Grandma and Grandpa Banta's Gift.

Opening up the gift.

Whats in here Ethan!?

Look its Eeyore!

Ahhhh he loves him.....

Go get him Ethan!

Ethan trying to get Eeyore.

Ethan really likes the Eeyore toy.

So cute.

He really does like it.

Here are some of the birthday guests....

Ethan gets Cookie Monster....

Cookie Monster.

Ethan gets Simba.

Ethan gets a peek a block train!


Ok some of these pictures will look the same, but they are the ones that Chandler's Dad took so I am putting them up too!


Emma posing at Ethans party.

Chandler with his Cousin.

Kim and Chandler getting some birthday food.

Ethan with his Birthday Balloon.

Ethan and his Balloon.

Ethan loves those balloons.

Some birthday guests.

Angela and Nick.

Bithday Guests.

Opening presents.

Opening presents.

Opening presents.

Now you know why I wasn't in many photos...

There I am taking pictures.

Kim showing Chandler and Ethan how the Elephant works.

Opening presents.

Still opening presents.


Cookie Monster.

All the kids wanted to help Ethan open his presents.

Ethan loved the wrapping paper the best!

Ethans party is over.

Ethan having a bottle after his party.


We just want to thank everyone that came to Ethan's Party...and we also want to thank everyone who gave him a gift.  He loves everything and they were just all so lovely. Thanks!