Emma Turns Three!

Birthday Morning.

Emma unwrapping her morning present.

Its open.

Kim helping with Emma's present.

Emma gets a dress up Barbie Dog.

Birthday morning, present open.

Emma happy about her present.

Kim helping Emma with her new Barbie Dog.

The Barbie Dog

Grandma's Here!

Hooray Daddy's Here!

Kim lights Emmas birthday candles.

Kim made Emma a Barbie Cake this year!

Emma loved it!

Emma blew her candles out!

Emma really excited about blowing out her candles.

Emma with all her presents.

Emma opening her Presents.

Say Cheese!

hmmmm whats this?

Emma still opening presents.

Wow this one's big.

Emma gets a talking Vaccum.

Emma at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Its Polly Pocket!

Emma got a Polly Pocket doll with a horse.

Emma opens a present

Emma on the Merry-go-round at Chuck-E-cheese.

Riding in the car at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Emma's talking Vaccum

Emma's Doll on the horse.


This is the Doll for the horse.

Emma gets a big doll & horse from Grandma and Grandpa Holbrook.

Emma likes to ride this horse even though its for her doll.