Emma and Aaron skipping.

We first arrive at Dinsey and Alice and the Mad Hatter where skipping around this main circle and all the kids could join in...

The kids with Alice.

Kim with the kids at Disney

Ethan on the Jungle Cruise.

Chan on the jungle cruise.

The kids on the Jungle Cruise

Waiting in line.

Top of Tarzan's Tree House.

Chan and Aaron at the Blue Bayou

Aaron and Chan at lunch at the Blue Bayou

Emma at the Blue Bayou

Emma and her Minnie princess hat

The Family on "it's a small world"

Emma on "it's a small world"


It's a Small world

It's a Small World.

It's a Small World.

It's a Small World.

Chan on the canal boat.

Chan on the Canal Boat.

Aaron on the Canal Boat.

Chan's Mom and Dad on the Canal Boat.

Chan, Ethan, Emma and Kim on the Canal Boat.

Mary Poppins and Bert.


Suzy With Ethan.

Cinderella and the kids.



more Cinderella


just off it's a small world ride.

Just in time to see "it's a small world" lit up.

Emma on the carousel.

Emma spinning her spinner.





more fireworks.

more fireworks.

snow after the fireworks.

This snow is amazing to the people of California but those of us who have actually Seen Snow could have cared less!

The Band playing before the next showing of FANTASMIC

Kim and Emma



Our Second Day at Disney.

Kids with Mickey and Minnie.

Minnie and Mickey

kids loving up minnie and mickey

Emma with Minnie

Aaron with Mickey

Everyone with Minnie and Mickey

Kids with Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

Snow whites Area of the park

I waited in line for awhile waiting with the kids to get a picture with her and their books signed. Only to end up 5 kids away and rainned out! :(

Aaron and Emma


Jungle Cruise again.

Jungle Cruise

Kim and Ethan on the jungle Cruise.

Jungle Cruise.

Jungle Cruise

Kim and Ethan

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show.


Emma on Big Thunder Mountain.

Our only kid that could ride this ride that actually LOVED IT!

Emma the Pirate!

Band playing

Ethan and Kim waiting in line.

Kids waiting in line at Winnie the pooh.

Kim and Ethan

Emma at winnie the pooh

Winnie the pooh.


Chan and Ethan and Aaron on winnie the pooh.

winnie the pooh

winnie the pooh

Emma on winnie the pooh

Chan on winnie the pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Aaron on winnie the pooh.


snow white running away from the rain.

Ethan waiting for the parade.

Chan and Aaron waiting for the parade

Emma waiting for the parade

The parade.

kids watching the parade.

End of the parade.

King Tritan

Small world at night.

Kim trying on Emma's Minnie princess hat

lunch at Blue Bayou


Grandma with the boys.

Kim and Emma

Ethan eating lunch

watching the Snow white Musical

On the canal boats.

mary poppins.



Ethan trying to lift some heavy weight.

Ethan in toontown.

Ethan in toontown

Ethan driving in toon town

Roger Rabbit ride.

Ethan, Kim and Chan on the roger Rabbit ride.

Rogger Rabbit.

Watching the Parade.

Ethan at the parade.

Kids at the parade.

Emma loved the Parade.

Dancing princesses

Visit with Mickey again.

touring the houses.

Pluto this pic was too dark we ran out of pictures on the camera and took it with the camcorder....