A day with Grandma

July 22, 2004

Emma always wants to color with Grandma

Chan wanted to color with Grandma too.

Ethan checking out Grandma's house

Ethan at Grandma's

Aaron playing PS2

Ethan thinking he is gonna try and go down the stairs

Ethan playing ball

Freckels thinking she is gonna get the ball from Ethan.

Ethan playing ball with Freckels

Kim and Ethan.

Kim and Ethan

Emma took these pictures and asked me to make funny faces.

A really "scarry" funny face

Another funny face.

Kim and Aaron

Aaron and Ethan.

Chan and Aaron

Aaron and Ethan.

Aaron, Chan and Kim

Chan and Kim

Grandma, Ethan and Emma on the swing

Grandma trying to get emma to look at the camera

Grandma, Ethan and Emma

Chan and the Budda

Emma in Grandma's Garden

Emma in the Garden

Kim and her Mom

Kim and her Mom

Ethan out in Grandma's backyard

Ethan under the tree.

Ethan under the tree

Ethan under the tree

Ethan under the tree.

Emma, Chan and Aaron under the tree.

Emma, Chandler and Aaron under the tree.

Ethan playing in the yard.

Ethan in the yard.

Grandma's backyard

The kids playing the back yard

Back inside the house at Grandma's

Emma sitting with Grandma.