Chandler Turns 8


The boys begin to arrive.

Chaos in the bedroom

Everyone for themselves.

Playing before the party.

They were having so much fun we weren't sure if we should have the party...;)

All the boys at the party.

Chan Opening his presents.

Hummmmmmm whats this....

Tanner trying to help Chan with his presents.

Chandlers guests watching him open gifts.

Discussing the gift with Tanner.

Chan gets a BeyBlade.

Everyone seemed to think the BeyBlade was a GREAT gift.

Chan with the loot!

All Chan's gifts.

Cake Time.

wait for us to light the candle please.

Some kids finished their cake before the candle was even lit.

Chan being silly.

Dad comes to light the candle.

Candle is lit.

Chan making sure the candle is lit.

yep still lit.

Man just blow it out!

Ok maybe this time.

nope not yet.

ok here we go.

Yes he can blow out a candle.

Blowing the smoke away.

Taking the candle out so he can eat the cake now.

All the boys eating cake.

what a bunch of goons!

Silly kids.

I can't belive we had this many boys in our house.

They enjoyed the cupcakes.

A little Xbox never hurt anyone.

Chan with Benjamin.

Chan with Ben.

Chan with Casey.

Chan with Jonnathan.

Chan with Scott.

Chan with Steven.

Chan with Tyler.

Chan with Tanner.

Chan with C.J.

Chan with Matt.

Look at these two Clowns!

Chan with Aaron.

C.J. Packing!