Buca Di Beppo

Chandler Turns 27

February 24, 2004

Tonight our family went to dinner with Chandler's Mom and Dad.  Chandler wanted to go to Buca Di Beppo for his birthday dinner! It was Totally AWESOME, the food is always good there and the kids really enjoyed seeing Grandma and Grandpa.  Below you will find a few photos from our night out.

Emma and Grandpa

We arrive at the resturant.

Ethan ready to eat!

Where's the food man?

The party guests.

Yep what a party.

Ahhh there is the birthday boy!

Chandler got some nice gifts for his birthday this year they were:  Dance Dance Revolution for Xbox, 2 dance pads, Xbox Manager (a surge suppresser), a red sweat shirt, a USA Jersey,  a high powered flashlight, and a mini shop vac for the car and a Grilling cook book.   Thanks to everyone for the lovely gifts.