Bathroom Remodel

Last year our main floor toilet was leaking water out around the base of the toilet...We called a plumber and he came and repaired the leak.  A few months after the leak was repaired we started to notice the linoleum was getting discolored around the toilet.  I figured that this discoloration was due to the toilet leaking and decided it was time for tile.   Since we had to have the toilet removed to have tile laid down I also decided why not buy a whole new cabinet too!  So below are some pictures of the new cabinet and what the bathroom looks like at the moment.

The entire reason for the remodel.

Our old Cabinet

Our new cabinet.

Right side door

Front door

Left side door

All open doors

Marbel top

Back of the cabinet

The Sink

The Faucet.

Ok the floor and Cabinet are now out!

This is the new paint though this is just the Base Coat....more to come later.

The Cabinet is out!

All painted.

I think i like the paint.

Ragging on style of paint. This takes a base coat and a top layer with a color mixed with glaze.

My choice: Durango Ivory

Chan's choice: Almond Avenue.

No ones choice and I can't remember the name of this one.


There is plenty of work to be done...We still need to pick out our tile,  have the floor guy come and rip out the old moldy floor, paint the whole room and then have everything put back where it belongs. 

I will continue to update this page as new things happen......


Ok well it is now Nov. 2, 2004 the tile is finally laid and done.....Now we just need the plumber to come back and we are set!!!  Here are the pics of the tile.

Oh we decided to go with Durango Gold instead of any of those tiles...

Tile getting started.

Adding on a few more....

Mud room tile DONE!

Mud room Tile done!

Bathroom Tile DONE!

Bathroom Tile DONE!

Bathroom tile Done!!!


Ok It's Finally DONE!!!! HOORAY!!!!