Aaron Turns 9

Dec 24, 2006

We spent the 20th through the 30th in Salt Lake City so since Aaron's Birthday is on the 24th we were able to spend it with our family in Utah.  Aaron got to choose where he wanted to eat for his Birthday meal.  He chose Joes Crab Shack at Jordan Commons.  Honestly the food wasn't that great but we had a good time celebrating with Aaron.  He received a bunch of Heroscape game expansion packs that he had asked for and Grandma and Grandpa Banta gave him the Simpsons Hit and Run game that he had been beggin' for since playing it at their buddy Casey's house and a nice cash prize too. 

We also had Christmas Eve dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Banta's house where we had a lovely dinner with ham and all the holiday fixings! :)  We also had a cake from Balboa's!!! Oh my goodness was it AWESOME.  We unfortunately didn't get photos of this. 

We hope you had a happy Birthday Aaron!



Aaron at the Crab Shack


So the waiter made Aaron put on a cowboy hat and ride around the restaurant on a hobby horse...What this has to do with a Crab Shack I still don't know but it was fun to watch.