Trick or Treating along

the water front.


Sunday Oct. 29, 2006.  We decided that we were going to take 

the kids to the Children's Museum, but before we could leave

Thorston and Keri Called and said that there was

trick or treating down by the Seattle Aquarium and we

should check it out.  Since we were going to be down there

anyway we decided it sounded like fun so we took the kids.

 After a trick or treating along the different pier shops we

decided it was time to head to the children's museum,

because it was getting quite chilly and rainy outside.

Here are their pictures of our day.

The Clifford Area of the Children's Museum.

The Children's Grocery Store.



Slide at the Children's Campsite

In the Tent at the Children's Campsite.

The Theatre Zone of the Children's Museum

Day of the Dead Celebration Hispanic Heritage Festival


Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (yes we have one here!)

I have to admit I got a little sad being there and not being with the whole family. :(