Party At Robin's

Kim just so happy!

Beer Cooked Chicken.

Chan and Kim at Robin's Party.

Kim at the party.

Robin's Parents house in the background.

Kim at the Party.

Chandler, Kim and Paul.

The Pool Partiers.

Left to right: Robin, Deb, Craig, Kathy, and Wendy.

Melanie and Robin.

Deb and Wendy.

Kim, Chandler, and Paul at the party.


Robin not sure what to think of all of Ryan's picture taking and Paul making faces.

Paul posing with the borrowed swim trunks.

However Chan ended up wearing them. LOL


Chandler, Kim and Paul.

Ryan and Kim

Ryan and Paul

Chandler, Ryan and Paul.

Aren't these guys just the cutest guys you have ever seen? ;)

Ryan, Kim and Chandler.

Don't mind Paul there in the back....

Chandler and Kim trying out the Hammock.

Trying out the Hammock still.

Doesn't it look so comfy?

Ryan, Chandler and Kim at the party.

Yep we jumped into the pool.

What good is a pool party if you don't get in the pool?

Wendy and Ryan at the end of the party.

Kim and Chandler at the end of the party.

Really the end of the party!

Paul with Robin's Tea Cup poodle.

Melanie and her Dog.

Kim that night playing some Xbox!

Waiting for Ryan to finish hooking it up....

Alright stop taking pics and hook up the XBOX man!!!


Wendy bored stiff of all the Game playing.

The next moring out.

Block Party in Ryan's Cul-De-Sac

Block Party.

Kim at Olive Garden.

Kim and Chandler at Olive Garden.

Ryan and Wendy's house.

Ryan getting ready to take Kim out for her first Motercycle ride.

Wendy helping Kim Gear up!

Kim getting the Jacket on.

Almost ready.

Ok fully geared and ready to Roll!

Ryan and his Bike!

Ok get on!

Hurry up yo!

Alright lets go!

And we're off.....

Out into the street and off into the great big HUGE world of Scary ROAD!

Kim after her Ride....

The only thing she could say about the whole Exeriance was OMG!

Our last night out with Ryan and Wendy.