Getting our Christmas Tree

Nov. 26th 2005

We drove up to Eggli's Tree Farm again this year.  There was no snow this time which made it a little less magical than it was last year, but still just as fun....

It was bitter cold though as the wind was blowing terribly but we were able to find just that perfect tree.  With an "I am sorry tree," we cut it down and strapped it to the roof of the van for the long journey ahead.  It takes us about an hour and a half to get there....But its sooooo worth it.

Here are the photos we took.

Peacock as we arrive at Eggil's Farm

We arrive at the Farm.

The tree Farm

Looking for a tree.

In front of the tree we decided on.

Breaking off the dead limbs.

The guys coming to chop down the tree for us...Aaron following.

Watching the tree being cut.

The guys that cut the tree down.

The kids getting a ride back to the car on the 4 wheeler.

Kim at the tree farm

Tree on top of the Van...It looks so tiny...

Maria Lana's Tree.

Maria Lana and Mr. Eggli

Kim, Mathew, and Maria Lana.

Kim and Chan, Its windy!

Our Tree at home.

Our tree standing up.

Decorating the Tree.

Chloe testing out the tree.

All done decorating.