Shots :(  !!!  Aaron and Emma got shots today!

5/1/03 - Aaron got three shots and Emma got one.  Aaron was quite scared, but was also excited because he had been promised a trip to McDonalds to get a new Nak Nak toy.  Emma really had no clue what was going on but once she saw what Aaron received she wanted no part of it.  I'd love to say they were both really tough, but the truth is there were lots of tears :(. 

Aaron now has all the shots he needs to register for preschool.  In addition to getting his shots he also passed a vision and hearing test with flying colors!


Waiting Room

No tears were shed in the waiting room. Both kids played well during the always short wait at Dr. Coomb's office.

Mom Looking Good

Mom and Ethan both sat looking cute while we waited for the doctor to come in.

Mom and Ethan

So cute!

Before Shots

Both kids were all smiles in the exam room before their shots.

After Shots

All smiles were gone once both kids received their shots.

Parking Lot After Shots

By this time Aaron had recovered but Emma was an emotional rollercoaster. She was fine, then sad, fine, then sad...

Church Parking Lot

We picked up Chandler from school at the church parking lot. Emma was still pouty! As soon as Chan was in the car she told her beloved brother what she had been through.