San Diego - July 2002

In July of 2002, right after I was hired full time, we took a trip to San Diego.  It was our first vacation since May 2000, which was also to San Diego.


Brant, Jenny, Josie

Our car broke down in Vegas. Jenny and Brant drove us around the ENTIRE next day. They were so awesome. We are forever indebted.

Brant, Jenny, Josie

Aaron With Sword

The boys love their weapons.

Aaron In Backyard

Mmmmm, swords.

Are you scared?

I am.

Mom :)

Someone Wants to Swim

Aaron at Petting Zoo

Chan at Petting Zoo

Don't Eat Me

Emma at Petting Zoo

The Famous Flamingos

Who's the Wild One?


Farmer Aaron

Farmer Chan

Petting Zoo

The Best Flowers Ever

Zoo Bus

This Isn't UTA

Emma at the Petting Zoo

Zoo Gang

Day at the Beach

Dad and Emma at Beach

Sandy Hands

Look out Emma!!

The kids love Lego Land.

Goodbye Forever

This is the last time we saw Emma, Aaron, and Chandler.