Our Relatives


Nana and Grandpa's place of rest.

Kim's Brother Chris.

Kim's Niece's Alesia and Mckenzie.

This is Chandler's Sister Rainny with her Daughter Kathrine.

Chandler's Niece Kathrine.

This is Kim's Mom's side of the family.

left to right: Brian, Kim, Chandler, Jim, Val, Molly, Gene, Amy, Matt.

Chandler's Niece Alyssa.

This is Angela's Daughter.

Rainny and Pat

Chandler's Sister and Brother-in-law.

Rainny and Pat's New baby.


Rainny and Pat's little girl Kate!

Kate really liked playing with Emma's Microphone.

Kate singing.

Cute little Lily.

Hi Lily.

Lily smiles.

Silly Lily, don't hurt your own head.

Chandler's Relatives on his Dad's side.

Back Row: Mark, Owen, Chase, Leslie, Chris, Jenny

Front Row: Jensyn, Jana, Lynda, Gordon, Brandt, Josie

The Holbrook Girls, minus a few.

Left to right: Lacy, Kim, Angela (Mom), Rainny, Kate, Mica Lena, Maria Lana.

Chandler's Sister Lacy with her Crew.

Back: Colin, Lacy, Jacob

Front: Emily, Davis, Logan, Channing

Madison Grace Banta

Born to Chris and Anne Banta on March 17, 2004.

Madison Grace Banta

3:14 A.M.

19.5 inches

9 lbs. 12 oz.

Madison Grace Banta

Chris with Maddy and Mackenzie.

Madison Grace.

Mackenzie and Maddy.

Mackenzie and Madison.

Madison up close and personal.

Chris and Maddy


Wow she really looks like Chris when he was a baby except that she has blue eyes.