Kim's Birthday


    Well, my birthday seemed to last for 3 days.  On Saturday we went out to dinner with Chandler's Mom and Dad.  We went to Cafe Alicia.  It was ok, but the service was horrible.   I think it would have killed the waitress if she had to get one thing for us, but the food was ok and the company was good. 

     On Sunday my Mom and Dad came out for lunch and we went to Wingers.  Wingers is always delicious and our waitress there was Awesome, she came by all the time to check on us and even put up with little Chandlers constant questions and stories. 

     Monday my actual birthday, I woke up at 8:45 with Chan "getting ready for work" or so I thought.  Actually he was getting ready to take me out to Breakfast at Coachmens.  We also went to see Harry Potter 3 and after that Chan took just me to the Titanic Exhibit at the  ZCMI Center. It was about 5:45 when we decided to head to the Melting Pot for dinner. When we got home Chan even had a GREAT present waiting for me.   A brand new Xbox complete with my own 12 month subscription to Xbox Live!!!  So everyone can add me to their friends list now, my new gamer tag is: SilentMischief. 

     We were out all day long and we had a great time.  When we got home there were several messages left on our voice mail… so thank you to everyone that called and wished me a very happy day!

Kim and Ethan at Coachmen's

Kim and the kids at Coachmen's

Kim, Chan and Emma at Coachmen's

Chandler, Ethan and Aaron at coachmen's

Kim and sleeping Emma waiting at Hollywood Video

Chandler and the boys walking out of Hollywood Video with movies for them to watch while we are out the rest of the night.

Kim after the Titanic Exhibit.

The ZCMI Center

You can Reserve this room and have the Last Night on the Titanic Dinner. Not sure how much that costs though.

Kim after Melting Pot...We forgot to take pics while there.

Chandler and Kim after melting pot.