To Chandlers Home Made Ice Cream Page

The Maker.

The Maker in Action.

Chand holding his Oreo Mint Ice Cream.

Oreo Mint.

More Action from the Maker.

Chan whipping up a fresh batch.

Chan cooking, there is just something weird about that!

Stir that baby!

Yummy Raw Eggs....

You have to stir this stuff for awhile, Chan even sets a timer while he does it.

Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream.

The finished product all frozen up.

(Heath Bar Crunch)

Here is a list of the ice cream's Chandler has made and some comments about each kind:

Peanut butter: This was made from the booklet that came with the Maker, everyone liked this ice cream but it was a bit too soft and maybe a little less peanut butter next time.

Strawberry: This Was really good just enough strawberry but it came out a bit too hard.

Ben's Chocolate: Kim LOVED this chocolate and so did Chandler's sister Rainny.  A very smooth Chocolate ice cream and Very Rich in flavor. 

Jerry's Chocolate: Chandler loved this chocolate, though Kim and Rainny felt it had too much texture for a plain chocolate ice cream.

Oreo Mint: Everyone loved it

Heath Bar Crunch: yummy though Kim thought it could use a little something else.

Cherry Chocolate Chip: This was kim's favorite ice cream aside from ben's chocolate.