Holbrook Halloween Traditions

Oct. 21 2006

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch here in Washington about 30 to 40 mins. north of our house. They have the States Largest Corn Maze that is shaped like the State of Washington and the kids had a GREAT time running through it. 

Then on Oct. 23 the kids and I went outside and carved the pumpkins. We didn't do anything as fancy as we have in the past but hey when you are up to 5 kids and 6 pumpkins to carve it is a wonder we even get them carved at all....


We arrive at the patch.

Trying to find a pumpkin

Emma Finds a good one.

Ethan finds a good one too.

Caleb with his pumpkin

Ethan decided he needed a smaller one....

Ooops....had to put it back he broke it....


Pumpkin Carving Day....

Caleb's Pumpkin

Emma's Kitty Pumpkin