Super B's Birthday Bash

Hot Springs Arkansas

April 9th 2005


The Scenery around our hotel, next 9 pics.

The door to our room

First night out dinner at the Black Creek Grill.

Chan, Sydney, and Chris (superB)

Chan, Sydney and Chris

Michelle, Todd (Merriott), Kim

Kim and Todd

The whole group at the Black Creek Grill

The waiter took these!

Kim at Todd's house after dinner

Kim, Sydney and Todd

Chris playing games at Todd's

The next morning Chris and Todd arrive with the Crawfish.

192 pounds!

Cory, Aka Dark Mischief or "demonic", with his Girlfriend Jenna at the party.


Kim taunting the crawfish

Chris getting the crawfish ready.

thats a lot of crawfish

Chris and his crawfish.

The Kegs

Kim at the party

The lake by the party

Arc Isle is where the party took place.

hangin in the kitchen

Kim and a crawfish! Eeeeeeeeeeew!

Dogwood tree

Chandler, Chris and Kim

Kim and Sydney

Party goers

when it gets dark it gets dark.

some wild life.


It's not a southern party without a visit from the Police!

Todd being a dork!

Bugs, lots of bugs!

After the police came we went to Mojo's Bar.

This is Clay and another guy i cant remember his name at the moment.

Kim, Chris and Todd.....

Man I look BAD in this pic!

Dalorian and Michelle Todd's wife....Yep she was a little drunk in this photo....*sorry Michelle*

Todd passed out on his couch after we drove he and his wife home.

The Next day in Down Town Hot Springs.

These next pics are from a Bath house that is now a museum there in hot springs....really neat!

Chris, Kim and Todd in down town hot springs.

Chris, Chan, Kim and Todd in downtown hot springs.

Kim and Sydney up on the scenic drive before we went home.

Chan and Chris

Some wild life.

there is a deer in these 2 photos

Chris and Sydney

Chris and Sydney

We get home!

Hugs for all!

Ethan excited to see Chan since chan and aaron stayed with Grandma while we were gone.

Emma excited to get her present!

Ethan got a dancing boobah

He likes to kick it!