Disney World Trip

Orlando Florida Oct. 13-22nd 2005

Well, our trip to Florida was quite eventful.  Ethan, Aaron and myself all ended up getting sick.  Ethan and Aaron had bronchitis and got put on Zithormax and Aaron was put on 2 different steroids too.  I had an upper respiratory infection along with pharengitis so I got put on Amoxicillan. 

So needless to say a lot of our "stress free, fun and exciting times" were STRESSFUL and EXHAUSTING!  We did however get over to the Magic Kingdom 3 times, Epcot once, and MGM once though Aaron, Ethan and I had to leave as that was the day Aaron got really sick and we had to take him into the doctor. 

Anyway, here are the photos of some of the these we go to see!  Enjoy!


Birds by our door.

Welcome to Walt Disney World!

Ethan with Terk from Tarsan

Aaron with Terk

Chandler With Terk

Emma with Terk

Kids with King Louie

Buzz Lightyear Ride.

After Buzz ride.

Kids with the Banjo players before the parade.


Kids with Friar Tuck

Ethan and Kim

Breakfast with the family.

Emma passed out in Grandpa's lap.

Kids at breakfast

Emma still tired.

Chan at Tom's house.

A dragon fly.

Our Condo

Emma as Snow White.

Emma with Donald

Chan with Donald

Aaron with Donald

Chan with Goofy

Ethan with Goofy

Ethan and Emma with Goofy

Emma with Goofy

Family with Goofy

Kids with Dale.

Kids with Dale

Ethan with Dale.

Ethan with Mickey

Emma with Mickey

Chan with Mickey

Emma with Minnie

Ethan with Minnie

Chan with Minnie

The boys.

Us at Epcot

Emma with Snow White

Aaron with Snow White

Chan with Snow white.

Lunch at the German resturant.

Mickey's not so Spooky Halloween party.

Noah as darth maul

Emma and Ethan too tired to finish the halloween party

Eating Lunch before Aaron coughed his all up.

Boys at MGM

Chandler thinking this sign was funny by the urgent care place.

Night at MGM

Tower of Terror at MGM

Mickey's hat at MGM

Emma at the end of the night at MGM.