Ethan's First Salon Hair Cut

Feb. 19, 2005

Today we decided that it was time to get Ethan a

REAL hair cut.  Well, that isn't true.  We were out and

about and the kids were hungry and Chandler had some

book it coupons to get a free personal pizza at Pizza Hut

so we stopped to get those and they said it would be 25 mins

so while we waited we found this haircut place that

charged $6.95 for men's cuts and kids cuts so we

decided that we would spend the 25 mins in there

with the boys.  So after Chandler, Aaron, and Chandler Sr.

 all got hair cuts, I was like why not get Ethan's done too. 

So here are the pictures we took of his very first

 Salon style hair cut!

Ethan before his hair cut.

 Let's get started.

 Ethan not sure what to think.


 Maybe if I hold real still I can pretend

this isn't happening.

 I wish I could see what's going on back there.

 It's just a dream...It's just a dream....

 Aaron showing off his new cut.

 I think this is almost over.

 Hooray! I think its done!

 Dang it!

 I really wonder how much longer this is gonna take!?


 hummm what's over there?

 All done.

 Can we go home now Dad?

 Man that wiped me out I think I will take a nap now.