JULY 2003


The whole family packed up to go see Mom and Dad in England July 6th through the 20th.  We had an incredible time and are eternally grateful to Mom and Dad for making the trip possible and so wonderful.  Below you will find some pictures and descriptions of some of the things we had a chance to visit.  Here is a brief list, not in any particular order:


Emma inside the Mill Green

Chan made a friend with this Mill worker.

Inside of the Mill

Chan and Emma inside the Mill Green

Aarons Ducks...

This was at the Mill Green right by the river that game into the milll.

Chan and Emma at the Mill Green

Ethan standing up at the Mill Green.

My chubby boy.

Look at those legs...

The Mill Green Gardens

Grandma pointing out something.

If you look closely you can see a bumble bee, but I don't think that is what she is pointing at.

Grandma telling a story to Aaron and Emma.

Grandma still telling her story.

Kim with her boy.

By the river at the Mill Green

Chandler and Kim

outside the Mill Green.

Chandler showing Aaron

the dry moat in front of the round tower of Windsor Castle.

All of us outside Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle

Outside at Windsor Castle

The Arrow holes

Chan is sitting in one of the places that is used to shoot arrows out of the Castle.

Chandler with Grandma and Grandpa on the Subway.

Emma and Ethan having fun on the Subway.

Chan at the Canal (river)

Grandma and the boys.

Kim and Aaron.

My Bobbies

Look at Chan.

Kim at Trifalger Square.

This Lion is up high so Chandler helped me Climb up.

Piccadilly Circus

It seems to always be crowded with people.

Kim at Piccadilly circus

Chan and Kim wondered around Down Town London by ourselves before our play.

Outside of the Tower of London.

Chandler with a Guy at the Tower of London.

Chan and Aaron enjoyed watching this guy sword fight.

Emma with some guys at the Tower of London.

Grandma and Emma at the Tower of London.

They are sitting just across from where Anne Bolin was executed. (OFF WITH HER HEAD!)

Tower Bridge (London Bridge)

London Bridge Baby.

All of us at London Bridge

Kim and Chandler at the St. Kathrine Docks.

We had a Peasant Time!

Right where they belong. IN THE STOCKS!

Warwick Castle

Chan and Aaron on the inner grounds of Warwick Castle.

Emma eating an iced lolly at Warwick Castle.

Emma in the Stocks at Warwick Castle.

Up on top of the highest tower of Warwick Castle.

Yes we walked all the way to the top!

Over head view of the MAGIC ROUND ABOUT!


This Road Sign shows the Magic Roundabout's ins and outs.

This is the house Shakespeare was born in.

Shakespears Wife's Home

Kim and the kids standing in the street outside of Anne Hathaways home.

In the garden....

Anne Hathaway's garden

It's HUGE!


Rock Circles (older than Stonehenge)

These rocks were huge.

The town where Avebury is.

Posing again at Avebury

Listening to the guided tour

Chandler with the kids at Stonehenge.

Kim with the kids at Stonehenge.

Distant view of Stonehenge.

The steps of Salisbury Cathedral.

These are some Statues that are on the upper part of Salisbury Cathedral.

This is the Wall that goes around the entire city of Salisbury.

Down Town London

Big Ben as we drove by it in the car on one of many trips to London.

Kim and Chandler outside the Gates of Buckingham Palace.

It rained this day as we tried to see the changing of the guard.

The family outside of West Minster Abbey.

West Minster Abbey

Kim with the boys outside of the Abbey.

This is the street coming up to Harrods.

Harrods is on the left side of this street.