Happy Birthday Emma!

Oct. 8th 2005

Emma had her very first Friend Birthday Party today.   The entire party was a Fairy Theme.  All the little girls had fairy wings, wands, skirts, and crowns.  The boys that came to the party were decked out in Elf vests, wands and hats all made by me. 

We played lots of fairy games that included: Pin the star on the fairy, fairy hide and seek (the kids had to find little fairy pictures that I had hid around the room in order to receive their prize), the fairy version of duck, duck, goose or in fairy terms Fairy, Fairy, Troll, and the Fairy Freeze Game where u play some music and all the kids dance around until the music stops and then they have to freeze. 

The kids had a great time.  Here are some pictures below.

Emma with Collin and Grayden

Ethan also decided he had to be in the photo.

Emma with more of her birthday people.

Emma Claire, Michelle, Tanner, Grayden and Collin

Michelle, Emma Claire and Emma possing.

Listening to game instructions..

Well at least Sara is anyway.

All ready for the Skipping spells game.

Ethan playing the skipping spells game.

Fairy, fairy troll

Michelle, Emma Claire, Emma and Sara

Grayden, Collin and Tanner

With Chan getting in on the action.

More Fairy, fairy troll.

Grayden our only "true" elf of the party.

He was the only boy that actually wanted to wear his elf vest and hat.

Sara and Emma

Emma opening gifts...

Emma gets a Fairytopia Barbie head.

Cup Cake and Fairy juice time.

Emma blows out her candle.

Many Thanks go out to everyone who came to the party.  It was so much fun watching everyone run around as Fairies or Elves.  Emma got a lot of great gifts too! Wow, we totally couldn't believe all the GREAT stuff!  Thanks so much! The gifts included: Cinderella the DVD, Fairytopia Barbie head, Barbie Fairytopia, Sky Dancer, 3 beautiful dress up outfits, Crayola crayons, markers and paints, and My little pony stickers and playdough.  Emma just loved everything!