Christmas 2006 was spent a couple different ways this year. First on Dec. 19th Santa made a surprise visit to our house.  The kids were so excited.  Ethan was so excited you would have thought he had just won the world cup as he kept trying to take his own shirt off and was jumping up and down yelling how he wanted Lego Star Wars for Christmas!  Santa came through and brought each child 2 gifts and they all happened to be the "special" gifts they had asked for!  YAH Santa!  The next morning Santa had left a note stating that he knew were would be gone for Christmas and that he was leaving them their presents now so that Mom and Dad wouldn't have to bring them all back from Utah.  After rushing through opening the presents it was now time to head to the airport and catch our flight to Salt Lake City.  We spent half of the time with Chandler's family and half the time with mine.  It was a lot of running back and forth as we didn't stay 5 consecutive days at either place.  I was exhausted at the end of our trip and ready to get back home.

We took a day and visited with Rich and Lori Reagan.  We also had lunch with Jim Young at Caputo's and we visited with Sherry Bronson and our kids got to see some of their old buddies. All and all we had a nice holiday.  It was good to see Friends and Family again and we look forward to visiting Utah again soon.  Now on to the pictures!


That was our night with Santa


Here are the next morning photos.





Then came Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Banta's house.