Chandler Turns 11

Dec 8, 2006

Chandler celebrates his first birthday in Washington.  Chandler got to choose where he wanted to go for his special birthday meal.  He chose the Cheesecake Factory.  He ordered Salmon and a Tolberone Cheesecake slice.  Ryan and Wendy were visiting us during this week as well so they got to go with us and Chandler had a GREAT time.  He received lots of nice new coins for his birthday.  Thanks to Ryan and Wendy who so kindly got him some great coins too.  Thanks to Rich and Lori who sent him a lovely 20 Dollar gift card to Target!  Birthday  night we got him an ice cream cake from Cold Stone, sang happy birthday and let him open his gifts.  Here are the pictures.

Chandler eating his birthday Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.

Chandler with Caleb at Cheesecake Factory


Chan's Ice Cream cake from Cold Stone.

Lighting the candles

Chan blew out all 11 candles in 1 breath, though

 he isn't telling what his wish was.

Chan got a Fire Safe for his coin collection from Grandma and Grandpa Banta.

Chandler got a Mariners Hoodie from Grandpa and Grandma Holbrook.

Gifts from Ryan and Wendy

Harry and David's Licorice Bites!!! YUM!

Uncirculated 1995 coin set

And some pennies he needed for his penny collection.

Dad gave him 20 bux worth of 2 dollar bills. (yes they still make them)

Rich and Lori sent him a 20 dollar gift card to Target!  Thanks!

He also got a bunch of other coins from Mom and Dad too.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Channy! :)