Camp Boise


Camp Site

Kim helping out Aunt Kathy

Emma and Ethan playing the Piano

Kim and the campers

Camp Fire

Emma playing at the cabin

the river next to the cabin

the river, yes we went down it twice on rafts.

David even came up.

Ethan playing.

Lacy, Kim and Ethan.

David playing with Aaron.

David playing with Ethan.

Kim sitting around.


The baby robin learning to fly.

Baby Robin.



Ethan and Emma

Ethan painting rocks with Alysia


Waiting to paint.

Still waiting

Waiting some more

Finally we Paint!!!

Yep, true rednecks paint in their undies...

Jake and Ethan painting.

Jake and Ethan

Ethan and Jake painting.

Emma painting.



More painting.

Grandma Holbrook working on her photo book.

Uncle Gordy and Uncle John helping the kids...

davis and jake swinging.

Emily, Lacy and Colin.

Nick trying to get the rope down.

Chan swining on the rope

Chan climbing the Rope

Chan makes it to the top.

Emma swinging on the rope.

Gordy's camp site.

Kim and Emma watching Fireworks.

Chan watching fireworks.

Watching fireworks.

More firework watching.