Our Summer Vacation

August 1-31 2007

The kids and I spent the Summer out of Washington.  Our First 2 weeks we spent in Northern Virginia visiting with Ryan and Wendy.  Chandler was able to accompany us for the first 6 days of our trip and we were able to take the kids to see lots of fun things.  (Thanks to Ryan and Wendy for putting up with us for so long at your house!)

The tail end of my trip I spent in Salt Lake City visiting family and friends.  The kids really enjoyed visiting with their grandparents and Chandler, Aaron and Emma were able to visit some old friends and really enjoyed that.  Chandler drove down and dropped out Van off to me on the 18th of Aug. and then he flew back to Seattle so he could work and then when it was time to come home he flew back down and we drove back to Washington together. 

We had a lot of fun and Chandler J. really enjoyed his Virginia time because he was able to go fishing with Ryan several times which he just LOVED!  All in all it was a good trip but very exhausting for me and I think next summer I will have to figure something else out because it really was a long time to be on a trip and I started missing Chandler a lot!  Well on to the pictures!

Oh 1 more thing.  Ryan was helping Caleb learn to walk while we were in VA and finally decided to walk for good while we were in Utah!  It only took him until he was 17 months to learn to walk and now he is off and on his way to being a Naughty Toddler!



Ryan and Wendy's Daughter Leyla

Visiting Our Nations Capitol



Wine tasting at Tarara

Hershey Factory Tour PA

Well that is all the pictures I hope you enjoyed them.