Aaron's First Friend Birthday Party!

Aaron Turns 6

Saturday December 20th Aaron had his first friend birthday party with some kids from his kindergarten class.  We want to thank all of those that came, the gifts where great and the kids had a great time eating pizza,  making gingerbread houses and playing pass the present. Thanks again!





The Gingerbread Houses

Aaron with Eric

His first Guest to arrive.

Aaron with Emma

Aaron with Chandler

Aaron with Reagan

Aaron with Beau

Aaron with Conner

Aaron with Bruce

Aaron with Sean

Aaron with Michael

Aaron with Chad

Aaron with Julia

The group playing pass the present.

Kim wrapped up 5 presents over and over again and you play this game like hot potato, but when the music stops whoever has the present gets to unwrap a layer. When the last layer is off that person get the present.

Pass the present

Pass the present again.

Pass the present still.

Julia won the first present.

A pack of Go Fish Cards.

Who will be the next winner?

Did the music stop?

Time to make gingerbread houses.

Doesn't this look like fun?

Emma didnt want me to take a picture of her house.

Making the houses.

All though we had an easier time making these houses at Aaron's party the kids really didn't want to make them.

Aaron's Present Time.

Aaron opening presents

Aaron loves presents.

All the kids wanted to help Aaron open the gifts they had given him.

Aaron super excited about his Bionicle from Chad.

opening more presents

Emma likes to be involved in everything.

Aaron happy about the Imaginext that Beau gave him.

Emma picking out the next gift.

Aaron opening one of the gifts that Julia wrapped herself.

Still opening Julia's present.

Julia decides Aaron needs a little help.

Might as well just let her open it Aaron... ;)

Wow Julia gave Aaron quite a few things.

A Bob the Builder Coloring Book.

Ok this is the last one from Julia.

Emma watching over the present opening.

Aaron gets a Spiderman Puzzle.

Thanks Sean!

Eric gave Aaron this really cool Matchbox truck full of lots of Matchbox stuff!

Hummmmm I wonder what's in here!

Dang it Emma got in the way....;)

Ooooooooooo a Lego Hockey set.....

Now Nic might come over more often.

Thanks for the Lego's!

Lets Sing!

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Aaron thinking of a wish!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aaron, Happy Birthday to you!

And out they go!